This is looking into the back of the hotel. It is just a short walk to the dining room from the hotel and conference room.

This is the dessert bar that is available after lunch and dinner! Notice there is no shortage of awesome desserts!

Part of the buffet. You will always have a choice of chicken, beef, pasta, salads, soups, sides, and desserts. And there is always a chef on hand making something fresh. The day Amy and I ate lunch there they were making crab cakes! Yum! So basically, you will always have a huge variety that would satisfy any picky eater!
More of the buffet!

This is the living room in the double suite.

Pillowtop beds that we hear are quite comfortable.

This is what you'll find outside your cropping room! Always a beverage and snack available for your convenience.

These are the tables you will be cropping at. But just imagine them with only one chair per table. That's right, each cropper will get a 5' table to themselves. And just look at those comfy chairs!

Get your groups together and sign up soon! Call the store at 614-854-0709 for additional information or to sign up.

Caron and Amy